Carbon Consult Group

Experts in carbon management and climate change

Carbon Consult Group assists organizations and businesses in defining risks associated with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and supports them to grasp opportunities while reducing their carbon footprint through strategic mitigation measures.
Our values

Lead the transition to a sustainable and low carbon economy.

Our mission
Who we are
Manage carbon footprint intelligently

Assist organizations and businesses in defining risks associated with their emissions, and support them to grasp opportunities while reducing their carbon footprint through strategic planning and mitigation measures.
Experts in GHG emissions solutions

Experts in GHG emissions to assist you every step of the way in quantifying your carbon emissions over your full value chain in a quick and efficient manner. Our innovative approach is cost-effective and provides a clear picture of all the opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint.

Global expertise

Numerous solutions in one place

  1. Compliance and Risk Management
    + Exposure to carbon regulations + Cap-and-Trade compliance strategy + Investment risk mitigation + Environmental compliance in export markets
  2. GHG emissions services
    + Internal emissions quantification + Value chain (Scope 3) emissions assessment + Project emissions reductions quantification and verification + Monitoring and reporting
  3. Adaptation
    + Risks identification + Adaptation plan for cities and municipalities + Federal funding program application + Touristic impact planning
  4. Energy Efficiency​​
    + Access to CME's SMART Green program funding + Qualified Technical Service Provider (QTSP) + Identification and prioritisation of projects (walk-through) + Technical assessment report + Mesure and verification (M&V) report
Our business units

Carbon Consult Group encompasses four independent business units

Carbon Management
Sustainable Finance
About us

CCG has a great team of experts and indepent governance

Our management team
  1. Pascal Geneviève
    Pascal is a co-founder and General Manager of Carbon Consult Group. He has extensive experience in life cycle assessment, carbon footprint and ecodesign. He is a certified GHG Inventory Quantifier. He has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering.
  2. Jean Paquin
    Jean is a co-founder and Executive VP of Carbon Consult Group. He has over 25 years of experience in project management and development in the field of energy and renewables worldwide, and is well-versed in the field of carbon management. He has a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and an eMBA.
  3. David Beaudoin
    David is our Executive Director. He has worked on carbon capture, industrial waste management and ISO 14064 GHG projects. He is a certified Env. Professional recognized by ECO-Canada and the GHG Mgnt Inst., he acts as a GHG assessor for the SCC. He holds a B.Sc. in Biotechnological Engr. and an MBA.
Our advisory committee
  1. John Wright
    ​John has over 30 years of experience in the public and private sector. He was the CIO for the City of Brampton. He was then Commissioner of Management Services and was Vice Chair of Brampton Hydro. He is currently on the board of directors for Energy Storage Ontario and CEO of a management company.
  2. Lukas Brochard
    Lukas was a sustainability consultant for international organizations before moving to the private sector where he supported corporations improving their environmental and social performance. He now evaluates environmental performance of companies for investors. He has a B.Sc. and M.Sc.
  3. Jacques Papy
    Jacques is Professor in the Department of legal sciences of the Faculty of political science and law from the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) where he teaches company, finance and business law. He focuses on the legal framework of the cap-and-trade carbon market system in Quebec.
Our experts
  1. Jim Banks
    Jim is our Senior Independent Sustainability Expert. He has a track record of developing and implementing initiatives that build cultures of sustainability within large and small enterprises. Jim has over 20 years advocating sustainability to design professionals as founder of a non-profit association.
  2. Ève Boileau
    Eve is our Adaptation and Environmental Regulation Expert. With over 15 years of experience in environmental projects, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry, a Master's degree in Neuroscience as well as a Master's degree in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development.
  3. Alex Iordan
    Alexandru is our Director of Environmental Affairs and Sustainable Finance. He has led the translation of complex regulations and implementation of a product compliance management program at Canada’s largest aircraft manufacturer. He holds a chemical engineering degree and Masters degree.
  4. Jean-Christophe Voyer
    Jean-Christophe is our Energy Efficiency Expert. He has performed energy audits at institutional, industrial and residential levels. He holds a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a master's degree in innovation management and a micro program in management of the energy sector.
Some of our clients and partners

CCG is very fortunate to be working with great industry partners